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The Villanova Times was re-founded in 2005 to improve the flow of information and the discourse of opinion on campus. With this weblog, we hope to allow everyone to join in on the discussion, and collect better feedback on our work from the community.

The Villanova Times publishes throughout the academic year, generally on a monthly basis. Look for the print edition in all major campus buildings and many of the dorms on campus. This “blog” serves as a supplement to the print publication and includes updates and corrections for each issue.

Views expressed in the print edition of The Villanova Times and on this weblog belong to their author and are not necessarily the views or the responsibility of Villanova University or The Villanova Times Club. It is our policy to edit or censor remarks that are severely offensive in a racial, sexual, ethnic or other manner. Additionally, unsubstantiated slander or libel will be scrutinized to protect the credibility of this forum.

To write to the editors or for more information, please email:  vutimes@gmail.com


Janine Perri Co-Editor in Chief   Class of 2013

Elena Giannella Co-Editor in Chief   Class of 2013

Abigail Demke Culture Editor Class of 2015

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To receive the remaining issues of The Villanova Times for the remainder of the 2011-2012 school year, please send us your name and address to our email vutimes@gmail.com and a $30 check, made out to Villanova University to the following address:

The Villanova Times

108 Dougherty Hall Attn: Jeffrey Brown

800 Lancaster Avenue

Villanova, PA 19085


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