What Did You Stream Over Break?

graphLike most other VU students, I spent my winter vacation at home, on the couch, sleeping. When I was awake, however, I spent my time eating popcorn and watching Netflix. So I went around campus and asked different students what they so productively did over break Immediately, one thing stood out; everyone had seen Disney’s newest feature: Frozen. “I think I just about cried,” Abby, a Junior, said. However, aside from this beautiful film, there were some other movies and shows that people confessed to watching.

Many confessed to watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special: “The Time of The Doctor.”  Several of the people I spoke with mentioned watching it.  I, myself have not seen it, but I have heard that it was fantastic, so after this article I might just try to find it online.  A few of the other shows that popped up in my interviews were: How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, The Mentalist, Psych, Breaking Bad, Family Guy, The Office, True Blood, Law and Order SVU, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, and Glee! -Nothing quite like some Glee to finish off a list.  To the few people who said they spent most of their time reading, my hat’s off to you. You are better than the rest of us.  Many of the Juniors and Sophomores I spoke with talked about preparing resumes for internships, studying abroad or other things that I forgot to do.  I do want to give a quick congratulatory shout out to anyone who did work over the break;I did not meet any of you, but I’m sure you’re out there – like a ghost.  After days of TV and sleep, I returned to VU, like many of you, to enjoy my stressful partying college life.

By Ashley Van Havel ’16

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