Undergraduate Theater Preview (with Food for Thought Answer!)

Undergraduate Theater on Campus

By Adam Butchy ’16

Villanova Student Musical Theatre

Proudly Presents: The Pajama Game

            Summary: This extraordinary musical is centered on the hard-working employees of the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory. These average men and women—despite their tendency to randomly break out into marvelously choreographed song and dance routines—have been petitioning for a seven-and-a-half cent raise in their hourly wages (put in modern terms, this represents roughly a 70 cent increase). The plot thickens as Sid Sorokin, the superintendent of the factory, falls in love with the head of the grievance committee, Babe Williams, one of the most influential people in the workers’ union. As the two struggle to find a balance between their work and their relationship, the audience is left to enjoy two-and-a-half hours of fun and entertainment filled with amazing musical numbers, fantastic dance arrangements and just an all-around spectacular theatric performance.

Run times: October 22nd-October26th at 8:00 PM and a matinee on Saturday, October the 26th at 2:00PM.

Villanova Student Theatre

Proudly Presents: Laramie Project

            Summary: This “docudrama” tells of the heinous crime that robbed 21-year-old college student Matthew Shepard of his life. His murder, committed with tremendous violence and rooted in homophobia, took place in the tranquil town of Laramie, Wyoming, and made national news overnight. The Laramie Project was written by the Tectonic Theatre Project in response to this inhumane and inhuman offense. They spent hundreds of hours conducting interviews with residents of Laramie and monitored media coverage before writing this play. The play itself is the summation and distillation of those interviews as they struggled to create an accurate picture of the public’s reaction to this terrible act perpetrated so close to home. The Laramie Project immortalizes Matthew Shepard by bringing his tragic story to stage and calling for all members of the audience to reflect on this relevant global issue.

Run times: November 5th – November9th at 8:00 PM and a matinee on Saturday, November the 9th at 2:00 PM.

Food for Thought:

What’s the difference between Theater and Theatre? Do you need to have your pinky out whilst sipping a small espresso to say one versus the other? Or is it more a matter of head-ware, with berets being a must? Curious? Feel free to look it up or check out the answer on the Villanova Times’ blog: https://vutimes.wordpress.com and be surprised!


Absolutely nothing! Although it is true that “Theatre”, like the metric system, is used by almost everyone who isn’t in the United States, both “Theater” and “Theatre” are acceptable spellings. No matter which spelling you use, as long as you’re trying to describe a building in which theatrical arrangements or operas are hosted and performed, you’re using it correctly!



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