Twinkies’ Fall from Grace…and Their Resurrection

It was not long ago that the decision that Hostess would stop producing the Twinkie was announced to the world. While the news hit some harder than others, the shock that such a long-standing icon of junk food would no longer serve as a temptation to all grocery shoppers was possibly more widely felt than the pope’s retirement. But now it’s back!

Hostess, the owner of the idea and recipe for the Twinkie recently sold it—as well as Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and Sno Balls—to Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Company for $410 million dollars. For those not familiar with A.G.M.M. & co. they have been busy recently, trying to assert themselves in the food market (already owning Vlasic pickles, Pabst Blue Ribbon and other large names). This newest acquisition, the Hostess Twinkie, promises to further increase their control in the food industry.

The move did not end up helping Hostess, as it went bankrupt some four months ago, and owning the rights to Twinkies might be a dubious proposition for A.G.M.M. & co, but they are taking measures to avoid the same mistakes. What ended up dooming the longstanding Twinkie maker was its dependence on a highly unionized bakers association that choked production and led to its bankruptcy, a strategy that A.G.M.M. & co. has no intention of repeating. For now, the public is forced to wait for the return of the Twinkie.


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