Mendel Hall Evacuated

Earlier today around 2:30, fire alarms went off through Mendel hall. Students, some frustrated, some excited about the disruption of class time, filed outside, believing it to be a drill. However, after numerous ambulances and emergency response vehicles began to swarm the building, EMTs began rushing in and out, and the 6abc helicopter began circling, it was apparent that it was not a drill. Rumors began to circulate, some saying it happened in a nursing lab, others said it was a a gas leak, while some said it was an accident in a freshmen Gen. Chem. class. These students in the meantime were unsure of how long the building would be closed, since many had left all of their belongings including phones, keys, wildcards, and computers in the building.

At 3:30, a NOVA ALERT went out saying: “Mendel closed until further notice after several people became sick in a science lab.”

Still, no one knew exactly what had happened. But students, realizing they would not be let back in any time soon began to disperse, and emergency responders but caution tape around the area.

At 6:53 another NOVA ALERT was issued saying: “Mendel Hall situation resolved. Building open for classes tomorrow.” and students were able to retrieve their belongings accompanied by public safety officers in the building.

Still no official information on the specifics of the incident has been released from the University, however 6abc reported that a student in a freshmen chemistry class experienced a bad reaction, and a total of 10 individuals including the professor had to undergo decontamination procedures. See the full story here:

By Elena Giannella ’15. Pictures by Abigail Demke ’15


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