Basketball, Microsoft Excel and You: The First of Many Large Infographics

By Marciano Lopez, Class of ’13

Click here to see the number of shots each Villanova men’s basketball player has contributed to the team’s total in three categories: three-point shots, two-point jumpers and shots at rim. Data courtesy of hoop-math, and not including the game against St. Joe’s on Dec. 11.

You will see, for example, that freshman point guard Ryan Arcidiacono has taken by far the most threes on the team, while senior center Mouphtaou Yarou has, perhaps surprisingly and probably to the team’s detriment, taken the most two-point jumpers. On the whole, Villanova takes each kind of shot with about equal frequency: 35 percent of the team’s shots come at the rim, 31 percent are two-point jumpers and 34 percent are three-point shots. The two-point jumper is the least efficient shot in the game, so it is good that those shots occur the least of all, if only slightly.

This infographic does not tell you that Villanova is the second best team in the country at getting to the free-throw line, or that JayVaughn Pinkston is the biggest reason why. He has actually attempted only three fewer free throws than field goals (69 FTA to 72 FGA, including his stats in the St. Joe’s game). Look for future infographics to cover other aspects of the game.

(James Bell made the featured photo because he had taken the most shots on the team, at least before the St. Joe’s game.)


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