Rosie’s Mug Coffee Cafe

As winter settles over Villanova and students hurriedly write their final papers, prepare for their exams, and rush into town for Christmas shopping before the break, everybody deserves a nice, warm treat. Something different, delicious, and convenient. For the holiday season and beyond, students need look no further than Rosie’s Mug.
Debbie Doyle, a former CPA, opened Rosie’s Mug Coffee Café this fall at the R5 Villanova Station by West Campus. A sign with a dog’s face in a coffee mug welcomes and invites both students and the community.

“Rosie is my dog, a sheepadoodle, and I picked the name because of her big mug, her big face,” says Doyle. “I wanted to make a play on words.” Gesturing to the picture, she adds, “Rosie’s still a puppy, and she just turned one.”

Inside the café, Rosie’s face is prominently displayed, both on the menu board and behind the counter, and she adds to the warm and homey environment.

This unique coffee shop features grab-and-go items, as well as a small seating area. It is perfect for students who are either in a hurry or just want to sit and relax for a few minutes in between classes or before taking the SEPTA into the city. The café has free wifi, which is particularly convenient for students who always carry their laptops with them. The offerings at the café include a variety of sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, a full assortment of freshly baked goods, and a diverse menu of delicious hot and cold drinks. Every week, Doyle posts new specials on a board outside of the café. This past week, Rosie’s Mug featured Nutella and banana sandwiches and hot seasonal drinks, such as a frosted mint mocha latte. In upcoming weeks, Doyle intends to feature a roast beef sandwich with chips, different hot beverages, and other items.

“I bake at home and bring in my own goods,” she says. “I also have goods delivered from DK bakery in Brooklyn, and everything is nice and fresh.”

Although Doyle would recommend anything on her menu, she highly recommends Rosie’s Mug lattes, especially the frosted mint mocha latte for the season, and the Nutella and banana sandwiches that she had previously featured.

“My next special will be ginger cookies,” Doyle adds.

Rosie’s Mug has a friendly atmosphere that welcomes Villanova students in particular. It also employs students from campus, which integrates the café into the broader Villanova community. Doyle herself has close ties to the university, and understands students very well.

“My daughter is a prior Villanova student,” says Doyle. “She graduated in 2007 with a degree in finance. She worked in Manhattan for three years and now lives in Vail, Colorado.”

Whether you are on your way to class, heading back to your apartment, or have a few minutes before catching the SEPTA, come inside and try Rosie’s Mug yourself. Rosie’s Mug Coffee Café is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 2 PM. Wildcard is accepted. Be sure to stop by and discover a new favorite.

By Janine Perri, ’15


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