Philadelphia Orchestra Hosts Free College Night

By Jenn Bradley

Hundreds of college students flocked to the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia to see the world famous Philadelphia Orchestra perform at a free concert on October 6.  Every year, the Philadelphia orchestra invites all college students to attend a free concert to share their musical talents.

            This year’s concert featured a diverse program. The Orchestra opened the night not with a song, but with an evacuation because the fire alarm went off as all of the students were taking their seats.  The audience and performers were required to evacuate the Kimmel center as fire trucks arrived to assess the damage and figure out the cause.  No damage was found, and everyone filed back into their seats after about a 45 minute delay to hear the music begin.

The first piece the Philadelphia Orchestra played was “Capriccio Espagnol” by Rimsky-Korsakov.  It featured several solos from the different sections of the orchestra.

The next few pieces were performed by violin soloist, Leila Josefowicz, and the orchestra.  They were entitled “Liebesleid,” for
violin and orchestra by Kreisler, “Liebesfreud,” for violin and orchestra by Kreisler, “Meditation,” from Thaïs, by Massenet, and Toccare
from Violin Concerto by Adams.

Josefowicz was born in Canada and has played the violin since she was three. She has played as a soloist throughout the world and enjoys playing more contemporary music than other classical violinists.  After Josefowicz finished playing her concertos, the conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Cristian Macelaru, asked her a few questions on behalf of the audience about her career and what playing music meant to her.

“Performing is a beautiful feeling,” said Josefowicz.  “It is a positive feeling.  It is one of the greatest things mankind can do to express our nature, how we feel, and how we think.  I feel like I am contributing to humanity whenever I play.”

Josefowicz’s passion was evident in her playing and her expressions throughout her performance.  The Philadelphia Orchestra brought her words to life with their exceptional musicality as well.

The final two pieces that the whole orchestra played were “Don Juan” by Strauss and”Overture to William Tell” by Rossini.  The pieces were full of energy and concluded the concert magnificently.  After “Overture to William Tell” was finished, the audience was brought
to their feet in applause.

The orchestra hosted an after-party following the concert.  It featured a live band and several desserts.  People socialized about their interests in music and their opinions on the concert.  Overall, the Philadelphia Orchestra concert was a great success and a great deal for college students from the area.  It provided students with a different, more cultured way to spend a Thursday night out.


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