A Short Reflection on Steve Jobs’ Passing (That Does Not Use the Word “Innovative”)

by Abigail Demke

This past Wednesday, the 5th of October, Steve Jobs passed away. If you are reading this blog on a computer or a smartphone, or in fact, if you are reading this blog at all, you no doubt know who he was. If you are reading this blog, you probably found out about as quickly as I did, within an hour (or probably within five minutes) of the news being posted online. If you are reading this blog, you are one of the many people that Steve Jobs influenced through his work for Apple Inc.

To me, the most striking aspect of this sad news is how quickly it spread, and that its speed can be  attributed, at least in part, to technology that Steve Jobs himself created. How many people found out while using an Apple product? How many people then shared the information by means of an Apple product or through a website or application that is used primarily by owners of smartphones?

The news spread as quickly as iPhones, Twitter apps, blogs and Facebook statuses could manage, and the grief and regret at the loss of a brilliant man followed right after. The loss of Steve Jobs has been experienced and shared in a meaningful way by the people who his technology has reached, by means of his own creations. There can be no better remembrance for this man than the countless heartfelt messages of thanks and well wishes for the journey beyond that have been shared over the last few

As easy as it was to find out, it is still difficult to face the fact that the world has lost a great inventor. Despite our sadness at his loss I think we can take comfort in knowing that the response to this somber news is a kind and thoughtful one, and that it is being spread by the technology he influenced so strongly. Mr. Jobs, rest peacefully, and thank you for everything.


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