Back to School with Villanova University

Joe Schembri is an employee of Bisk Education, the provider of University Alliance online education services to Villanova University.

Another school year is underway at Villanova University with over 10,000 students pursuing degrees in a variety of settings and programs. Offering both online and on-campus learning, Villanova offers classes in five colleges: the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Villanova School of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Nursing, and the Villanova School of Law. Nationally ranked and regionally accredited, Villanova University offers bachelor’s degrees in 53 fields and graduate degrees in 35 areas. More than 95,000 alumni have graduated from Villanova, a U.S. News & World Report ranked university. Pursuing a degree at Villanova University offers not only a quality education, but also a strong alumni network to maintain connections over the future progression of your career.
Working professionals seeking to advance their careers while staying in their current jobs should consider Villanova University’s online degree and online certificate programs. At Villanova, online students can enjoy a full range of programs supported by the most up to date technology including Virtual Classrooms Online, streaming video lectures, MP3 audio, and MP4 video lectures which can be downloaded to a video-enabled mobile device. In addition, Villanova University offers personal touches such as program guidance from an assigned program representative who can help guide you through the entire process from enrollment to graduation. Partnered with University Alliance, the nation’s largest facilitator of online learning for top universities, and who has served over 300,000 clients, the online programs at Villanova are ranked nationally and respected internationally for both quality and affordability.
If you are interested in transforming your career opportunities, a variety of programs exist online to help you reach your goal. In Villanova’s online Human Resources Master’s degree program, you’ll expand your knowledge in core HR competencies with a focus on strategic, developmental, and global issues. The degree is 100% online and financial aid may be available.
If a certificate program is of more interest to you, Villanova University offers Master Certificates in the following areas: Project Management, Six Sigma, Contract Management, IS Security, Business Analysis, Software Testing, Human Resources, ROI Methodology, Leadership. In addition to Master’s Certificates, Villanova offers Advanced Master Certificates in IS/IT Project Management and also in Applied Project Management.
Completing a degree program demonstrates that you are committed to advancing vital skills that are both current and marketable. While many students come to Villanova with a repertoire of talent and skill already in place, certificate and degree programs can update and sharpen a broader range of knowledge.
In the project management sequence you will learn best practice methods from top ranked professors. Courses help professionals put together stronger teams, examine the communication procedures that support company success, develop more efficient procurement strategies, and build assertive management practices. Among the most popular certification programs is the Sigma Six program. Through learning proven methods of analyzing the processes, methodologies, and resource allocation, professionals in the Sigma Six certification program gain invaluable knowledge to solve critical business process problems. This popular and effective program is also100% online. The Sigma Six program, which is obtained on three levels, provides an opportunity for professionals to learn cutting edge tools and apply them to their current work situation with the versatility of online learning and top-notch professors in a supportive learning environment.
Whether you are seeking to take just a few classes, complete a degree, or start on a new career path, Villanova University offers a wide range of courses that meet the needs of today’s savvy professional. Ranked nationally for quality and success, 95% of Villanova’s 2010 undergraduates were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation; their average starting salary was $50,000 and nearly 60% participated in internships giving them a competitive edge in the job market.
As an online student, you will be afforded the same possibilities. From the time you fill out the interest form, you will have access to a professional member of the Villanova academic success team who will help you chose the path most in tune with your personal career goals. Those who wish to rise to the top in high-demand professional disciplines such as project management and human resources will want to consider all the advantages of a degree or certificate from Villanova University.


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