Basketball Photos, PDF of New Issue and Audio from SGA Presidential Debate

Villanova vs. St. Mary’s Gaels – The End of the Season, The End of an Era

Click the link below for amazing pictures from the game that ended the season, the game that ended the Scottie Reynolds Era at Villanova.  Although I know this is an emotional time for all of us Villanova basketball fans and for the players themselves, these photos are still worth checking out.

Two great articles by Chris Fujimoto, one wrapping up the season, or the Scottie Reynolds era I should say, and one looking positively into the future, will be posted tomorrow.

Click Here: Photo Feature from the Second Round Game

To Scottie Reynolds, Reggie Redding and Russell Wooten, we thank you for your incredible contributions to Villanova and to its basketball program!

The New Issue – 3.24.2010

Click Here: Full PDF – The Villanova Times – 3.24.10

Debate for Student Body President and Vice President

Vote Tuesday/Wednesday, but make sure you are an informed voter!

Student Government Presidential Debate – 3.17.2010 (Click on it)


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