Overheard at Villanova…at the football game – Villanova Advances to FCS National Championship, Defeats WMU 14-13

“So I heard that William and Mary is a big suicide school”

Villanova defeats William and Mary 14 – 13

Advances to the FCS National Championship at Chatanooga Tennessee

Villanova will face either Montana or Appalachian State next Saturday.

Notes on the Game:

  • Villanova’s final drive began at 5:41 in the fourth quarter and burned 5 minutes and 41 seconds of clock to end the game.
  • Villanova was 3 for 3 in converting 4th downs.
  • Villanova faked a punt in the 3rd quarter and converted the first down on a reverse to Szczur.
  • ESPN2 aired the nationally televised game.
  • Villanova students attempted to rush the field, and some succeeded, although those who did not succeed were all involved in a great post-game celebration on the sidelines with the football players.
  • Best new chant at Villanova: “All Hail Szczur!!”

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