Fail: Villanova’s End of Semester Dinner

By Matt Crawford

Last night, a few friends and myself went to the Pit, as we have done every year since arriving at Villanova in 2006, for the end of semester dinner. This time, the food and the general experience was notable worse than in past years. Villanova Dining Services must do a better job in the future of making the end of semester dinner a better experience.

Because there was no place to sit after we got our food, my friends and I ventured upstairs to eat in the Corner Grill. A few other students had done the same thing. After we finished eating our steak and “Sustainable Cold Water Lobster,” we went back down stairs for dessert, and of course were yelled at by the man who thought we were trying to sneak in without paying, which was not the case.

Now I am highly allergic to milk (not just lactose-intolerent), and there was not a single dessert that I could have. I ended up having another roll as my friends all indulged in the chocolates and tiramisu. I also could not have the “loaded” potatoes served with the steak and lobster. Why not just have traditional baked potatoes or sweet potatoes? Just another instance of Dining Services trying to get fancy when it is not necessary and in fact makes life tougher for students with food allergies as myself.

The End of Semester dinner was not worth going to. I would rather have the typical dining hall food than have the inconvenience of not finding a seat and eating terrible-tasting lobster and not being able to eat most of the food available.


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