Reynolds To Test the Waters


Yesterday, Scottie Reynolds announced that his name will be enterred into the NBA Draft, which will be taking place in about two months. Reynolds will not be hiring an agent and is keeping open the possibility of returning to Villanova next year. Even so, he appears to be very serious about the draft and will be working out more than ever in the next few months. He stated that he will be working out 3 times a day, with basketball activities, lifting weights and even a good amount of work in the pool. This experience will be good for Reynolds, who even if he does not decide to go to the NBA next year, will surely enter the draft next year and be drafted well enough after his senior season with the Wildcats is complete.

Dante Cunningham, graduating from Villanova this year, will also be in the NBA draft and likely will be drafted ahead of Reynolds. Reynolds has stated that he will eventually finish his four year degree at Villanova no matter what happens, and joked about that decision being “for his mom.” He will also continue going to class as he said, “I will continue going to my classes. But on the basketball court, I am doing this with 100 percent effort. It’s not just about going through the experience. I want to prepare myself in the best way I can and make the most of this opportunity.”

Some other Villanova basketball news, released just prior to the basketball banquet tonight:

Anderson and Clark are co-winners of the 2009 Villanova Basketball Award

Cunningham and junior Scottie Reynolds are co-winners of the Most Outstanding Player Award

Tchuisi is the winner of the Jake Nevin Award “for his selfless dedication to the program”

Reggie Redding, a junior guard from Philadelphia, is this year’s recipient of the Paul Arizin Award, given to the athlete demonstrating the greatest improvement in his game (one might ask what about Dante? I suppose the Most Outstanding Player Award was sufficient to honor his outstanding improvement.)

Corey Stokes is to receive the Alexander Severance Award, which is given to the player who shows both athletic and academic excellence.


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