Halftime at Ford Field: UNC 49 Nova 40

By Chris Fujimoto

It could have been ugly. With 7:00 remaining the in the first half UNC led by 17 and it looked like they were about to run away with it. I kept on saying to myself that as long as we have strong defensive possessions and high percentage shots we could crawl back in it. Late in the first half the Wildcats began to do just that. They turned a 14 point deficit into a 9 point deficit at halftime.

In the first part of the game defense was lazy by the Wildcats. UNC was beating them on the third or  fourth pass with open shooters. What hurts Nova is the 2-12 shooting from three. The key in the second half will be to come out with the intensity that brought them this far. I still believe they can do that.17:54- The ‘Cats come out firing and bring the deficit down to five. great defense. Danny Green’s man lost again and Green fires a wide open three to bring it back up to 8. Foul brings the deficit back to ten. The flow of the game is quickening. Lawson and Green have 3 fouls, which might hurt them in the long run.


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