Gym Class Heroes a Huge Dissapointment for NovaFest


By Matt Crawford

I’m going to keep this post short, since I just have a few criticisms of Villanova and the Campus Activities Team regarding their selection of a band for Novafest. Gym Class Heroes is not a bad choice by any means. Sure, their new album has not really been a hit, and they are not as popular as they were a couple years ago. They should definitely put on a good show, but nothing compared to the performances of the last three years – namely All American Rejects, Goo Goo Dolls, Motion City Soundtrack and Boys Like Girls. Sean Kingston and Brand New were extreme dissapointments.

CAT listed on Facebook a few options for this year’s show, including Lupe Fiasco and Jack’s Mannequin. I would have loved either choice – or both. Sadly, as was written in the Villanovan, CAT was constrained by a smaller budger than it was last year – I will admit though, Gym Class Heroes is a better choice for less money than Kingston and Brand New. However, Stockton College in southern New Jersey was able to get Jack’s Mannequin for a concert at their spring event which occurs about a week earlier than ours. Jack’s also has a few concerts in Philadelpha the same week. Who knows, maybe the band  just didn’t feel like sticking around the Philadelphia area for a few more days.

One thing that should help is the concert is its earlier starting time. Time to go to the concert and continue partying afterwards. Perhaps I was spoiled my freshman year with AAR and Goo Goo Dolls. I have also heard about bands which have come in the past; Third Eye Blind, the Starting Line and others. If this Novafest concert does not receive a good response and does not have a good turnout, something definitely needs to be done with CAT to get them to be able to bring better bands to Villanova.


One response to “Gym Class Heroes a Huge Dissapointment for NovaFest

  1. Are you dissing Brand New? If so, I wouldn’t trust any music reviews you do wank…

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