A Few Must Read Articles before the Madness Begins

Comments by Matthew Crawford              Photos by Pat Diloreto

The Inquirer’s Mike Kern on Reggie Redding – Since high school, Redding has done a complete turnaround from being an offensive specialist to a tough defender. Sure, he can still score, but his role is to be aggressive and tough on img_9764defense and dishing the ball to the many other Villanova scorers. Redding plays Villanova basketball and is essential to this team. Imagine how bad would Villanova’s defense be without Redding? Anyone who fails to recognize his great worth, does not understand the importance of defense and the tiny decisions which make great differences in college basketball. And don’t forget, we still have Redding for one more year. Redding responding to a question about critical fans:

 “If anyone’s trying to knock us, then they’re not much of a fan. That’s just my opinion.” – Reggie Redding

USA Today’s Tom Pedulla on Villanova’s senior class – There is no doubt our 4 seniors will be greatly motivated tomorrow against American and for all future games. A loss will signify their last game with Villanova. Tchuisi will actually be staying at Villanova for graduate school and rumors are that he will be a graduate teaching assistant. Still, the desire to win is never greater than when it could possibly be your last game ever with a particular team.

“It’s our next game. We’ve got to go out and play like it’s going to be our last.” – Dante Cunningham

The Philly Inquirer’s Joe Juliano on Corey Stokes – Stokes is certainly shaping into an all around player. Three pointers are not his only capability. He is gaining aggressiveness every game he plays with Nova, and a lot of that improvement can be seen on defense. Still, without Stokes’ 20 points against Marquette, it would have been a very different game. In many ways, Stokes was the hero of that game. He can step up any time and score, especially when he is hot. In regards to the NCAA tournament:

“I really didn’t know much about the NCAA tournament last year, but this year I’m going to go in more focused and just bring leadership to the team. We have great seniors, and I think they’ve been doing a great job. A big key is coming off the bench and bringing energy.” – Corey Stokes

Jay Wright photo worth looking at – Everyone knows enough about Wright at this point in the season. Big East Coach of the Year (Oppenheimer Funds Coach of the Year if you want to be technical) But this Wright photo attached to this article is priceless. And I suppose you can read the article too. Its worth it.

dante_dunk_for_coverVillanova’s Recruiting Around the DC Beltway by the Washington Post’s Zach Berman – Dwayne Anderson and Dante Cunningham are both from Silver Spring, Maryland. Reynolds is from Herndon, Virginia. Mo Sutton is also from the area. And incoming freshmen, Yarou and Armwood are both from Montrose Christian which is not far outside DC. So what makes Washington such a special area for recruiting? Personified best by just knowing the great type of people Anderson, Cunningham and Reynolds, with their leadership on the team and willingness to learn. Perhaps the reasons for these great qualities are best summed up best in the words of Jay Wright, whose coaching style fits well with the kind of players that Washington area highschools produce:

“The kind of player you get from the D.C. area is very unique. They have outstanding high school programs there, coaches who work with their guys all year round. The high school basketball is so important, and you put that with some of the top AAU programs.”


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