John McCain, Chris Matthews and More

McCain looking very presidential at his press conference in Jake Nevin before Hardball

       The whole experience of taking pictures of a possible future president, as well as an extremely distinguished man was quite surreal. It was, so far, the greatest experience of my life, but at the same time, I wish I was one of the students who asked questions or a student on the stage who actually got to shake Senator McCain’s hand. Either way, all three of us Villanova Times editors, as well as every person at the event should feel as though we all were part of something very special. This event showed that when a top politician comes to campus or anywhere else for that matter, it still is more popular than basketball or any sport. The Villanova community was going wild for Hardball and McCain.  Everyone at the event bragged afterwards, I am sure, about their unique expererience. They were at the event where Senator McCain wisecracked about Hillary’s youtube video taking a shot of whiskey by saying “Whatever makes Hillary happy.” Overall, the event was very positive. Taking nearly 200 photographs of mostly two special men was actually extremely fun and self-rewarding because of the amazing atmosphere in the Pavilion and the nature of those two distinguished gentlemen on the stage.  There is much to be talked about in terms of this event. More posts will be forthcoming, and my many pictures will be updated. In the upcoming months, more oppurtunities such as this will make themselves available as a result of the upcoming election. Villanova should be proud that they were a part of it.

– Matt Crawford

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The signature John McCain wave


 McCain interacting with the students on stage

Our very own sports editor and writer gets to shake Senator McCain\'s hand

Matthews\' first smile of the day

McCain sitting rigidly in his Villanova armchair

Matthews yawning on set


Matthews looking contemplative during a commercial break

Matthews getting done up so he doesn\'t look too old

McCain\'s trademark double thumbs up

Signing a book for a young kid

Matthews gets his share of autograph requests

Anti-war protestors made their presence known at the event

More signatures


McCain with a surprised look - he kept telling the autograph seekers that \

To round out the day of Tuesday April 15th I head from this man, William Daugherty who like McCain served in Vietnam and was also held captive, although in his case he was held by the Iranians as a CIA officer during the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979 - 1980. He spoke about the value of public service, the risks to freedom one, like himself, may have to take, and of course, the value of freedom.


5 responses to “John McCain, Chris Matthews and More

  1. Wow this was the greatest moment of your life? That’s a little strong. I used to (unintentionally) follow Obama around the Senate since we worked in adjoining offices- I’d rank that as cool but hardly the best moment of my life, let alone sharing a stadium full of thousands of kids with him.

  2. I’m thrilled that you took the opportunity to use our blog in order to personally insult one of our writers. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for anyone to kiss your ass on a blog, so you’ll have to excuse us for not caring – at all – about your adjoining office.

  3. Also…

    Crawford got to be close to war hero and established politician of like 90 years John McCain.

    You tagged along behind some rookie senator.

    I think he wins.

  4. By the time I am your age I may “intentionally” be following President McCain around and have an adjoining office. Wouldn’t that be nice! When you were a sophomore in college did you ever have the chance to meet a top politician, especially a war hero and established politician of “72” years as Mr. Moriarty has pointed out?
    With the intense attention being placed on Pennsylvania these last few weeks, I have been able to see Michele Obama (who I am guessing you may have also seen while working in that adjoining office), Chelsea Clinton, Chris Matthews (was in a group hug with him), was within two feet of Senator McCain, got a press pass to the democratic debate and interviewed General Wesley Clarke, Geoff Garin (Hillary’s new campaign manager) Mayor Nutter and Congressman Murphy.
    So, without any exageration, I think it is safe to say these last few weeks have been a great experience.
    I also think it is safe to say that the Villanova Times rocks – what other college newspaper has been afforded these great oppurtunities?

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