The Disintegration of News

By Deena ElGenaidi

Lately, news websites have been ever more ludicrous in their reporting of events.  Opening up, one becomes appalled at the meaningless fluff stories on the front page.  For instance, today’s latest stories include “Hannah Montana uses body double in concert” and “Kids chug milk, barf in science class.”  Why this is of any importance to anyone is beyond me.

            Clearly, these corporations have lost sight of their initial goal: to report significant events to the public.  Instead they seem to be filling the minds of Americans with useless writing that do nothing but rot a person’s brain.  To actually find a noteworthy article, one must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, click on a subcategory such as “politics” or “world,” and select a story from this new page.  However, most people who go online for news do so for more efficiency; therefore, few will actively search for specific stories, thus making the public less knowledgeable in terms of current events.  This only perpetuates ill-informed voting decisions and apathetic citizens who care little about important news.

            CNN is not the only perpetrator of these absurd practices. as well as for some reason deem it extremely noteworthy that O.J. Simpson is back in prison because his bail was revoked.  We already know that he stole some sports memorabilia, so there is no need to remind everyone for a second time, especially when no one cared in the first place.  Sure, include it in the news, but not as the top story.  And of course, every website has to have their signature “Britney” story illustrating her latest shenanigans.

            It has become exasperating browsing through these websites, attempting to bypass their so-called “breaking news,” such as “Katie Holmes Intimidates Men, Has Pizza” in order to get to something of significance.  It seems as though the public has become less and less educated, only caring about this week’s celebrity DUI.  I can only hope that some people still care about the world enough to peel through the fluff in order to get to something important.


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